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      New Life Ministries is a ministry like no other. We specialize in sponsoring victims of both Domestic Violence and Chemical Addiction. As leading causes for the break-down of our families and eventually our communities, these issues often go hand-in-hand and are often confronted in very similar ways. It is our mission to seek, find, and hand-pick these men and women from the shelters, interim houses, and church resources at a time in their lives where the love, respect, and resources we provide will mean the world and sometimes their lives to them. Providing everyday necessities, such as food, clothing, transportation etc., is a great service for those of our neighbors who are just getting started on their road to a new life. However, for those members of our communities that we have helped through the hardest of times, and this help has caused a heightened desire to continue the effort of coming back to our communities as changed individuals, should surely be given our added support in doing so. Whether it be a need for Education, Treatment, and/or a home in a New Life Dwelling, this type of love and support changes our neighbors into the kind of individuals with the capability and desire to love and help another member of our communities. 

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